The BellHouse team was originally approached in 2019 by Climateurope to appear at the Climateurope Festival in June 2020 in Riga, Latvia. BellHouse was programmed as a playful provocation to challenge how we think about presenting and communication data. 

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 the decision was made for the festival to go online and the team was asked if we could appear, but this time remotely.

Rising to the challenge, we have installed BellHouse in the Kaleider Studios in Exeter and, since September, we have worked with 8 teams or individuals from around Europe who have submitted data following our call out.

We have have documented these activities on this website (please click on the subject headers in the timeline below), using the comments section to allow the conversations between us to be recorded as much as was possible.

In these “Playtests”, Roop has been filming the BellHouse playing back the data so that the scientists we have been working with can see & hear something of how their visual data sounds. We have then been able to make modifications either to the data or the way it is played, listening for patterns or the overall “compositions” that best communicate the ideas behind the data.

It has been really useful to be able to video the BellHouse, and show something of the way the data is played, but in this experimental stage we can’t show the data that is being played at the same time.

However, we been lucky enough to have had the chance to work with Preston Street Films to make films of the end results of five of these interactions.  In a first for the project, the data being played on BellHouse is presented alongside the film of BellHouse playing it on the same screen.

Screenshot of Climadjust by Predictia. Credit: Preston Street Films

These films are the final product of the interactions from some of the delegates. To see these films, click here.