Touring Conditions info 2021

Age suitability: Any age

Set up: 2 day set up. 1 long day take down and pack up (e.g. 10-12 hours).

Dimensions: 7L x 7W x 8H foot (house configuration)

Weight:  approx. 350kgs

Ideal site: Indoors with mains power. Space for people to play, gather, be curious. To be agreed in collaboration.

Engagement: We work collaboratively to design a playful engagement programme for your context. Extensive programme planning may lead to additional cost.

Team on tour: 2 people: (Artist, Technician)

Travel:  2 person team on tour. We don’t fly within Europe as per our climate policy.

Freight:  Return freight for BellHouse from Exeter UK

Team expenses: Accommodation and ‘per diems’ for the team on travel and presentation days:

+ 2 single rooms with wifi and breakfast.

+ 2 meals/per diems per presentation and travel days per person

+ local transport on travel days and to/from accommodation/BellHouse site

Costs associated with the technical rider:  Mains power; 2 people and site to unload/load on arrival/departure; 2 people to help set up and take down; storage between arrival and set up/take-down and departure; mains power; audience/people management; engagement planning (in collaboration); security of BellHouse while unsupervised; production/health and safety support e.g. cable covers, accessible power points

Marketing/Audience strategy: to be discussed on a case by case basis e.g. private view; interactive workshops; marketing and comms

Contact: to discuss programming contexts and costs

For the guide on how to operate BellHouse during an installation, click here