Kaleider is a studio based in Exeter that brings people together to make extraordinary live experiences, products and services. Kaleider plays with live performance, installation, and digital, often in spaces that aren’t designated arts spaces. Kaleider makes its’ own work, produces work, commissions new work and provide support for artists to develop, push boundaries and take risks with their ideas.

Kaleider hosts a number of Resident artists, researchers, scientists, creative technologists and young people. Kaleider Residents make up the core of a broader network of people, groups, and businesses with differing backgrounds but with a shared desire to turn and face some of the world’s great challenges. Often the work that comes out of Kaleider is playable, and tries to interrupt people in their everyday contexts.

Kaleider and the Met Office Commissioned the piece for Euporias and collaborated in the production and delivery of the piece for the Met Office installation. Since that time, Roop has worked with Jocelyn, Katie and Seth in the planning and production of the installation at Exeter Central Library and ongoing plans to take the piece on tour in the near future.