In responding to the call from The Met Office and Kaleider, I wrote a proposal that framed and developed many of the ideas I had been working on years before hand. With the central thinking being the piece being about perceptive boundaries and how we think about things. That is to say, how what we think about determines how we think and (vice versa) how our thinking processes determine what we think about. I like the idea that the way that we collect information (through our respective senses and the inherent processes involved) creates patterns of meaning and understanding that are common to all of us, but also different in so many ways (the individual, the tribe, the society).  The Met Office is a very interesting place. It is a kind of information and data collection/generation hub iand is in a unique position to explore new ways of interacting with and communicating information which will either directly affect our behaviour (in an everyday sense) or influence patterns of behaviour and understanding  on a much wider scale