BellHouse is currently in it’s third installation for the Climateurope Festival in 2020. However it has been installed previously at The Met Office in 2016 and at Exeter Central Library in 2018. The installations and interactions that were part of as well as the initial development can be seen by clicking on the links below and through the posts on the Blog where the posts are categorised by each installation.

Met Office – EUPORIAS

In October 2016 BellHouse premiered for the final EUPORIAS General Assembly where it recorded and played live the movements of the scientists presenting their research in the Atrium of the Met Office building in Exeter.

A motion capture system devised by the Met Office Informatics Lab activated striking mechanisms associated with each ceramic bell generating a continuous chiming whilst each speaker at the 250 delegate conference presented their findings.

BellHouse also invited Met Office scientists to interact through their work.  It played video climate data to curious staff and passers by in the main Met Office thoroughfare known as ‘the Street’.  Some of our favourite data translated into sound included Etna’s volcanic plumes, the European drought of 1976, solar winds, 250 years of English and Welsh anomalies in temperature and precipitation and the Fog of Uncertainty.


In October 2017 BellHouse was installed in Exeter Central Library in the Rougemont Lounge. This was the first public installation of BellHouse after the original Met Office installation and it interacted with the wide diversity of visitors to the Library. BellHouse was a part of the Lost Weekend and Fun Palaces festivals as well as recording more everyday interactions that occured in library. A record of the dates and times BellHouse was operating and some of the interactions that it has been a part of is detailed in the blog.