What follows is a record of the activity that took place at the Met Office between the 4th and the 8th of October 2016. Below is a timetable of  presentations.

The associated recordings follow on in further posts with some documentation if possible as to the context of the presentation. There is not a complete rendering of all the recordings as it has always been hard to find a quiet enough space to install Bellhouse and make audio recordings of all playbacks. Any recording done at the the time of the installation has the noises of the place where it was sited (the Met Office Atrium) and so there are the sounds of people passing by, the coffee machine in the cafe and the acoustics of the bigger space.

It should be said that BellHouse played the speeches of the delegates live, but has also stored all of the recordings in digital format and can therefore play back the recordings in audio. 

In this installation of BellHouse we positioned the motion capture device to point at the speakers to capture their movements as they presented their research. It is the movements of the speakers you are listening to here and how they communicate their research. rather than specific data from their research.


Abbreviations – WP = “Work Package” and relates to strands of research in the climate service prototypes that were part of the Euporias project.

Euporias: European Provision of Regional Impact Assessment on a Seasonal-to-Decadal Timescale.



Schedule of recordings:

9am Carlo Buontempo: Welcome and opening introduction on the main achievement of the project and the ambition for the meeting.

09:15 WP11

9:30 WP12
9:35 WP21
9:55 WP22

10.10-10.40 Break

10:40 WP23-WP31
11:10 WP32
11:25 WP33
11:40 WP41
12:20 WP42

“Each Work Package to give a short presentation covering the highlights of their WP, the key lessons learnt, contribution to special issue, and any possible recommendations for future (post-EUPORIAS) work.”

“Each WP will have 15-20 min. 5 of which will be reserved for discussion and questions. We encourage all speakers to be short and leave more than 5 minutes to the discussion.”

Below are recordings for example of what will be featured in posts to follow. The first is a recording from October 2020 of BellHouse in Kaleider playing back the introductory remarks of Carlo Buontempo, the first rewcording BellHouse made. The second is a Sound Cloud recording of WP22 made at Exeter Central Library in 2017.

A recording of the movements of the delivery of Work Package 22 at the Euporias final General Assembly at the Met Office, 4th October 2016 translated into the sound of 35 ceramic bells through the sound sculpture BellHouse. Made by Roop Johnstone, commissioned by Kaleider and the Met Office on Behalf of Euporias. This recording was made at Exeter Central Library in 2017 and has some external noise. The bells start at 4 mins 26 seconds, please forward to then.

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